2019 Program Archive: Rapid Climate Vulnerability Assessments for Equitable Adaptation: Cross-sectoral Learning & Tools

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Rapid Climate Vulnerability Assessments for Equitable Adaptation: Cross-sectoral Learning & Tools

Sara Hutto
Greater Farallones Association
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Climate Vulnerability Assessments (CVA) are used to evaluate how climate change will affect a particular resource, project or process in order to identify and support the implementation of specific climate adaptation strategies to reduce vulnerability to climate change. Rapid Climate Vulnerability Assessments (RCVA) are focused, 1-day versions of the CVA, designed to allow practitioners to rapidly assess their resources’ vulnerabilities to climate change, while engaging with stakeholders to design climate-informed solutions that ensure the long term success of investments and benefit of outcomes. Natural resource managers use RCVAs to develop common understanding of the joint impact of climate stressors and non-climate stressors to identify multi-benefit adaptation actions. Community leaders use RCVAs as a platform to advance the intersection between climate, and non-climate stressors (such as human health and racial equity) to identifying and implementing equitable climate resilient solutions that place people and human development in the forefront, increasing equity and multi-benefit outcomes. In addition to improved project durability, the RCVA enhances participant skill sets in climate resilience and adaptation, builds a team of climate leaders, and increases community resilience and financial stability for current and future systems. Participants in this session from any sector will have the opportunity to learn how to use an RCVA, garner key insights from pilot RCVAs in natural systems and human communities across the country. Presenters: Lara Hansen, EcoAdapt; Eric Mielbrecht, EcoAdapt; Alex Trachtenberg, Southface/Atlanta, GA Genoveva Trejo Macías, CONANP Valeria Petrone Mendoza, CONANP

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