2019 Program Archive: From Risk to Resilience: New Knowledge, Takeaways, Lessons and Questions

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From Risk to Resilience: New Knowledge, Takeaways, Lessons and Questions

Huda Alkaff
Wisconsin Green Muslims
Time Slot: 
Luncheon Sessions Day 3
Session Type: 
Working Group

The National Adaptation Forum offers opportunities to learn, share and advance knowledge about how to effectively, equitably and wisely adapt to climate change. While the issues and impacts grow more acute every day in our communities, it can be challenging to synthesize new learnings and apply them to our work quickly. This session provides a platform for participants to reflect on what we have learned thus far, and the key questions we need to answer at macro and micro levels. We will focus on a few themes that emerged in the 2019 NAF such as equitable adaptation; community resiliency and vulnerability; displacement, retreat and relocation; and other topics suggested by participants. Participants will join discussion clusters on their topic of choice where they will share their takeaways from the NAF, the questions that have emerged for them, and their thoughts on advancing knowledge on the issue in the next year or two. Outcomes will include: 1) the articulation of key learnings on topics that participants plan to apply and build on in their work, 2) identification of some of the big questions – new ones or those that remain unanswered – that participants want to explore and answer through their work, 3) connections made or strengthened between members of the adaptation community.

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