2019 Program Archive: Engaging through gaming: Five games to further your adaptation goals

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Engaging through gaming: Five games to further your adaptation goals

Claire Bonham-Carter
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Working Groups and Trainings 2
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Game play is an excellent medium through which to introduce themes of climate adaptation to different audiences including communities, local and state governments and NGOs. In particular games allow players to step into other people’s shoes, and understand the potential trade-offs that are often required in adaptation planning. Game play can also provide an opportunity for discussing complex topics in an applied way. In this session participants will learn about how this type of training is working across the country to help advance understanding and action on climate change. Game developers will be available to discuss how games could be tailored for different community situations. Participants will be given the opportunity to try out the ‘Game of Floods’ most often used by community groups; ‘Game of Extremes’ which is primarily aimed a local government audience and covers extreme heat as well as flooding, and ‘In it Together’ addressing sea level rise as well as social inequity. Finally two video games, ‘Aqua Republic’ and ‘Flood Fighter: Nevada’ focusing on water resources management will be available. Come and play!

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