2019 Program Archive: Climate justice solutions from the ground up: Strategies to build equitable, resilient and healthy communities

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Climate justice solutions from the ground up: Strategies to build equitable, resilient and healthy communities

Cathleen Kelly
Center for American Progress
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During this interactive symposium co-hosted by the Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy (CEED) and Center for American Progress (CAP), participants will engage in discussion with a diverse panel of environmental justice and resilience advocates on how to work with communities to design and elevate effective state, local and federal climate justice solutions. The panel will feature Dr. Cecilia Martinez of CEED, Dr. Nicky Sheats, Esq. of the New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance, Caroline Lewis of the CLEO Institute, and CAP Senior Fellow Cathleen Kelly as moderator. This expert panel will share successful and emerging efforts to infuse equitable mitigation and resilience solutions into state and local planning and policies in the Midwest, Southeast and Northeast regions. Panelists will highlight community-driven and cross-sectoral strategies to curb carbon and local air pollution; build resilient communities and infrastructure; improve access to clean transportation, energy and efficiency options; and create good jobs and investments that lead to a more inclusive economy. The panel will also highlight strategies to make progress on solutions in the absence of federal leadership, including through state and local climate policy and advocacy, community and voter education and engagement, and capacity building for community-led energy and resilience planning. Lastly, the panel will discuss ongoing efforts to develop equitable national climate solutions in the lead up to 2020 and beyond. This symposium is well-suited for policymakers and their staff, climate and EJ advocates, and policy and science experts who wish to develop and implement equitable solutions to help frontline communities.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
Renewable Energy and Community Energy Planning: panelist
Cecilia Martinez, Center for Earth, Energy, and Democracy
Climate Justice Solutions and Voter Engagement in Florida: panelist
Caroline Lewis, The CLEO Institute
Cathleen Kelly, Center for American Progress
New Jersey Environmental Justice & Climate Justice Solutions: Highlights/Next Steps from First Statewide EJ & Climate Summit
Nicky Sheats, New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance