2019 Program Archive: How a Focus on Health Can Expand Collaborations and Enhance Climate Resilience

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How a Focus on Health Can Expand Collaborations and Enhance Climate Resilience

Ellu Nasser
Adaptation International
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Concurrent Sessions 3
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Focusing on the health impacts of climate change has potential to bring together diverse partners and enhance resilience in frontline communities. Collaborations built around health can address both systemic underlying resource and equity issues that create differential risk in these communities and acute climate-related stressors that turn vulnerabilities into health disparities. Health focused collaborations can span horizontally across sectors and provide a framework for vertical integration between local and state departments and agencies.  
This interactive session brings together experts from local to state health departments, federal agencies, national funding organizations, and frontline communities who aim to answer salient questions about coalition building in the climate and health realm. Through a discussion with experts and interactive break out groups we will collectively answer:
1. How do we leverage existing public health infrastructure to build climate resilience, particularly for frontline communities?
2. What is the greatest opportunity to move the needle by focusing on health?
3. Who is missing from our coalitions? How can we expand or adapt our engagement to bring new partners into the discussion?
4. How can we engage with and serve frontline communities who will be impacted first by impacts from climate change?
5. What are some of the biggest challenges we face in developing partnerships and coalitions to work on climate and health?
6. What can we learn from past successful public health or health equity campaigns and apply to climate resilience work?
7. What existing resources aid us in these coalition building efforts?

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
John Balbus, National Institutes of Health
Paul Schramm, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Aaron Ferguson, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
Shamar Bibbins, The Kresge Foundation
Rahwa Ghirmatzion, PUSH Buffalo
Nicholas Tomaro , City of Milwaukee Health Department