2019 Program Archive: Letters from the Caribbean: Approaches to Climate Resilience and What the US Can Learn

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Letters from the Caribbean: Approaches to Climate Resilience and What the US Can Learn

Arianne Neigh
The Cadmus Group
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Concurrent Sessions 3
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Small Island Developing States in the Caribbean are both some of the most exposed and vulnerable countries to climate change, and, in many ways, have developed some of the most ground breaking adaptation techniques. Many of the adaptation measures taken in Caribbean nations are examples of ways coastal countries around the world can prepare for climate change. The symposium will discuss actions taken in the Caribbean to build local climate resilience through policy, data acquisition and analysis, planning, capacity building, and then, implementation. This proposed symposium includes brief presentations from practitioners and scientists working on climate change adaptation in the Caribbean, and a discussion about how these results can be used in the United States. To begin, we will discuss data collection and comparative analysis of vulnerabilities and stressor distribution across 33 countries in the Caribbean. Then, we will review the approach USAID uses to integrate climate risk management through the project life cycle. UNDP will introduce the National Adaptation Programmes of Action in five island states where resources are limited but needs both align and differ. Moving to the energy sector, we will discuss capacity building in Antigua and Barbuda to embed resilience goals into their energy plan and the development of an ask an expert resource. Finally, The Nature Conservancy will discuss their work on the ground to implement adaptation practices with communities in the region.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
Capturing and Comparing Climate Stressors & Vulnerabilities in the Caribbean
Colin Quinn, The Cadmus Group
  • Kye Barong, The Cadmus Group
  • Paul Faeth, The Cadmus Group
An Overview of the Climate Risk Management Process for USAID’s DCHA Bureau
Kyle Rearick, USAID
Findings from the NAPA Drafting Process for Small Island States.
Donna Gittens, UNDP Barbados
Building Resilience in the Caribbean's Energy Sector
Kathyrn Wright, The Cadmus Group
Implementing Adaptation Programs in Coastal Communities
Montserrat Acosta-Morel, The Nature Conservancy