2019 Program Archive: Breathing Life into Managed Retreat: Accounting for Human and Natural Resource Migrations in Coastal Relocation Decisions

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Breathing Life into Managed Retreat: Accounting for Human and Natural Resource Migrations in Coastal Relocation Decisions

Katie Spidalieri
Georgetown Climate Center
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Concurrent Sessions 4
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As sea levels rise and hurricanes become more frequent and intense, state and local governments will increasingly be confronted with questions about relocating coastal development out of harm’s way through “managed retreat.” This session will identify gaps in emerging land use strategies to move development out of vulnerable coastal areas where the two “living” elements of humans and natural resource management may be “siloed” and explore ways to better integrate those two elements into holistic land use decisions. Featuring presentations on federal, state, and local efforts from across the country that are addressing questions of shifting human, wildlife, and plant species in response to sea-level rise, this session will initiate discussion on how existing processes can be improved, or where innovation may be needed, to proactively prepare for, acquire, and protect upland properties and provide necessary community (e.g., housing, jobs, infrastructure) and ecosystem (e.g., flood resilience) services for different types of people relocating because of the effects of climate change. This session will also share examples and first-hand accounts of how sea-level rise, floods, and home buyouts are directly impacting people and habitats on the ground and how state and local governments can minimize the impacts of managed retreat on communities and maximize benefits for natural resources and systems.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
Focal Topics: 
An Introduction to the Legal and Policy Considerations for "Breathing Life" into Managed Retreat
Katie Spidalieri, Georgetown Climate Center
Community Perspectives on Sea-level Rise, Equity, and the Need to Relocate in Coastal Louisiana
Colette Pichon Battle, Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy
Evaluating the Effects of Post-disaster Home Buyout Programs on Communities
Sherri Brokopp Binder, BrokoppBinder Research and Consulting
Addressing the Impacts of “Coastal Squeeze” on Ecosystems
Chris Hilke, National Wildlife Federation
Balancing Community Concerns and Habitat Restoration in Coastal Home Buyout Decisions
Fawn McGee, New Jersey Blue Acres Program, Department of Environmental Protection