2019 Program Archive: Building Resilience with More Holistic Transportation Decisionmaking

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Building Resilience with More Holistic Transportation Decisionmaking

Annie Bennett
Georgetown Climate Center
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Transportation and related infrastructure systems are an important component in fostering resilient and sustainable communities, while also affecting the resilience and health of natural systems. While the transportation community has increasingly made efforts to plan and prepare for the impacts of climate change to physical infrastructure and operations, there are still many opportunities for improvement, particularly in efforts to engage other sectors and communities in more holistic planning and decisionmaking for resilience. This is particularly important to ensure that investments are also sustainable, not contributing to emissions, and are equitable and inclusive. This session will highlight unique experiences and perspectives on examining transportation resilience more holistically by bringing in representatives from research, local and regional government, and practitioner communities. Speakers will highlight strategies and approaches for modifying transportation research, decisionmaking, and design in ways that foster greater community and natural resilience and sustainability, in addition to more resilient transportation infrastructure and systems. The session will conclude with facilitated discussion among panelists and the audience to identify additional gaps and opportunities for enhancing the role of transportation decisionmakers in fostering community and natural resilience.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
Focal Topics: 
The Fourth National Climate Assessment: Transportation Impacts and Adaptation
Susanne DesRoches, New York City Mayor’s Office of Recovery and Resiliency
The Infrastructure and Climate Network: Connecting Stakeholders with Infrastructure and Climate Researchers
Jennifer Jacobs, Infrastructure and Climate Network; University of New Hampshire
It Takes (At Least) Two: Why Regional Entities Should Team Up for Adaptation
Danielle Boudreau, Tijuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve
Incorporating Resilience into Coastal Highway Adaptation Planning and Design: A San Francisco Bay Case Study
Kristin Tremain, AECOM
  • Justin Vandever, AECOM