2019 Program Archive: Part I - Adaptation Findings from the Fourth National Climate Assessment and Local Experiences

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Part I - Adaptation Findings from the Fourth National Climate Assessment and Local Experiences

Susan Herrod Julius
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Concurrent Sessions 4
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This is the first of a two-part Symposium. Part I focuses on the Fourth National Climate Assessment (NCA4) (Volume 2) Urban, Coastal, and Regional chapters’ adaptation findings, and interactive poster session (all regional chapters) and discussion with attendees. The NCA4 (Volume 1) reports that changes in average climate conditions and climate extremes are happening and are expected to continue. Adaptation is key to instilling resilience into our cities, rural areas, regions, and nation. Volume 2 identifies climate-related risks facing society, and examines the state of adaptation science and practice across the country. Cities, states, businesses, and other stakeholders are looking for proactive and innovative measures to comprehensively address risks from unprecedented climate conditions and rates of change. This session showcases three themes about adaptation that emerged from NCA4: risk management approaches, cross-sectoral coordination, and social equity. It begins with short introductions to key messages from NCA4 related to the science and state of practice for adaptation generally, and for the coasts, Midwest region, Pacific Northwest, and cities, specifically. An interactive learning session follows, with participants viewing and discussing posters with NCA4 authors on report findings related to the three themes. Participants will share pressing problems and solutions related to the themes. In the second session, local practitioners present case studies, followed by a large group discussion of recurrent themes and synthesis of lessons learned.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
"Key Messages from the NCA4" (and moderator of Panel 1)
David Reidmiller, USGCRP
"State of the Science and Practice of Adaptation"
Robert Lempert, RAND Corp.
Coastal Adaptation State of Practice
Juliette Finzi Hart, USGS
Adaptation in the Pacific Northwest Region
Kris May, Silverstrum
Adaptation in the Midwest Region
Jim Angel, University of Illinois
Adaptation in the Built Environment
Keely Maxwell, US EPA