2019 Program Archive: Polar Ice Loss, Sea Level Rise, and Coastal Forecasts Through 2100

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Polar Ice Loss, Sea Level Rise, and Coastal Forecasts Through 2100

Ted Scambos
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Concurrent Sessions 6
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Working Group

Successful adaptation to rising sea levels requires discussion and exchange between on-the-ground decision makers and planners and sea level scientists. This workshop will bring together these groups to discuss best practices for connecting these communities, to outline community needs, and to map out a plan and structure for forward progress. The workshop is hosted by the NSF-funded Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH) action group on Land Ice and Sea level, and will include a brief review on the current state of knowledge on Polar ice loss of ice and other factors contributing to global sea level rise (SLR), the current state of science in projecting SLR and how that science is evolving, and a review of approaches in use and proposed for use in evaluating the potential impacts of SLR on coastal infrastructure over the next 100+ years. The workshop will seek to transform how stakeholders and decision makers can exchange information with researchers -- and will provide an opportunity for planners and decision makers to discuss forecasts and their potential impacts. Interactive discussion and activities will help to identify decision maker and planner needs to inform scientific activities and products and decision making approaches and techniques, with an emphasis on building a community for knowledge co-production.