2019 Program Archive: Advancing Climate Networks through Regional Adaptation Forums: Lessons Learned from 2018 Events and Future Plans

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Advancing Climate Networks through Regional Adaptation Forums: Lessons Learned from 2018 Events and Future Plans

Jenna L Jorns
GLISA, University of Michigan
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Luncheon Sessions Day 2
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While climate change is a global problem, adaptation solutions must be tailored to the assets and constraints of the individual place, making local and regional entities well positioned to take action. Regional adaptation forums provide practitioners, scholars, and decision makers the valuable opportunity to discuss local knowledge, share best practices, and brainstorm pathways towards more resilient communities, ecosystems and economies. This symposium is designed to share lessons learned through the 2018 Regional Adaptation Forums, grow the network of regional forum organizers and participants, and support the dissemination and scaling of best practices across North America. Session speakers will cover highlights and unique aspects from 2018 events, a summary of the regional similarities and differences reflected in forum content and participant reflections, and connections to the National Adaptation Forum. A subsequent panel discussion will build on the conversations Regional Adaptation Forum organizers have been having in network coordination calls over the past year, such as: how to focus on equity and engage diverse partners, how to design future events which speak to practitioner needs, how to grow and strengthen regional networks through these types of events, and how to amplify coordination and collaboration across regions to collectively strengthen the adaptation field as a whole. If you have planned or participated in a regional adaptation event in the past, or are thinking about doing so in the future, we encourage you to join us to help leverage our shared experiences.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
Moderator, 2018 Regional Adaptation Forum Summary Report
Rachel Jacobson, American Society of Adaptation Professionals
Panelist, Great Lakes Adaptation Forum
Jenna L Jorns, Great Lakes Integrated Sciences & Assessments (GLISA)
Panelist, Southeast Florida Regional Climate Change Compact
Jason Liechty, Broward County
Panelist, California Adaptation Forum
Julia Kim, Local Government Commission
Panelist, Northeast Climate Change Preparedness Conference
Michael Simpson, Antioch University New England
Panelist, Carolinas Climate Resilience Conference
Amanda Farris, Carolinas Integrated Sciences & Assessments (CISA)
Panelist, Southwest Adaptation Forum
Carolyn Enquist, Southwest Climate Adaptation Science Center
Panelist, National Adaptation Forum
Lauren Lynch, EcoAdapt