2019 Program Archive: Connecting People to Climate Risks: Meaningful Engagement in Adaptation Planning

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Connecting People to Climate Risks: Meaningful Engagement in Adaptation Planning

Zoe Siegel
Resilient by Design
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Luncheon Sessions Day 2
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How can adaptation can be an opportunity to leverage unique community assets, establish non-traditional partnerships and make a community more resilient?
A community can only truly be resilient only when it ensures that its efforts to adapt to climate impacts and other vulnerabilities protect and benefit all residents especially children, lower-income neighborhoods, communities of color and those who have historically borne the greater burden of unhealthy pollution, environmental injustice and social disinvestment. We recognize that building a more comprehensive and climate-smart future requires an inclusive community of practice that addresses equity and climate justice in our policies. This session will discuss how adaptation and resilience planning can be used to catalyze transformative, community solutions to address climate risks and build community resilience. We will center the conversation around tactics for inclusive community engagement from Resilient by Design in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cross-Cutting Themes: 
Investing in Community Resilience: A decision making tool
Claire Bonham-Carter, AECOM
East Oakland: Empowering Community Advocacy
Marquita Price, East Oakland Collective