Climate Displacement Forum Webinar Series - Part 4: Migration & Receiving Communities

Webinar Date: 
October 29, 2020

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Climate models predict that tens of millions of people will be displaced from coastal areas alone by 2100 in the U.S. Additional climate impacts may lead to an even greater number of displaced people, all leading to migration at local, regional, national, or international scales. As climate-related migration increases, receiving communities must consider effective policies for population increases and changes. This webinar is a discussion on climate migration impacts and considerations for receiving communities. 


David Flores, Center for Progressive Reform


María Perales Sanchez, Centro de los Derechos Del Migrante, Inc. 

Mathew Hauer, Center for Demography and Population Health, Florida State University 

Dr. Fernando Rivera, University of Central Florida

Dr. Kim Mosby, Louisiana State University Coastal Sustainability Studio

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