Session Three - Wednesday, November 17, 2021 (11 am - 12:30 pm PT)

Webinar Date: 
November 17, 2021

Session Description:

This session will include three individual presentations from speakers Raymond Martinez, Joshua Rosenau, and Shasta Gaughen. These presentations will explore topics including community engagement, the integration of Indigenous and Pueblo cultures into adaptation planning, and transportation resilience and how it relates to access to health and emergency services. Speakers will touch on challenges and lessons learned throughout the planning and adaptation process.


Presenter Bios:

Raymond Martinez

My name is Raymond Martinez; I am a Tribal member and Tribal Council Representative of the Pueblo de San Ildefonso (New Mexico).  I have studied both Environmental Science and Resource Management.  I have called the Department of Environmental and Cultural Preservation home for 18 years in various capacities, from Tribal Risk Assessment Technician to Director.  As the current, Director of the Environment Department one of our top priorities is continued monitoring of the Chromium plume and providing accurate and frequent communications to Pueblo residents and Tribal Council. The Department's newest task is Climate Adaptation and Resilience Planning, studying and putting together a plan for the Pueblo to utilize and taking into account the Pueblo’s Traditional and Cultural resources and activities.


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Joshua Rosenau

Since 2016 Joshua Rosenau has served as the volunteer secretary of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes - Climate Change Adaptation Council, under the leadership of Michael Durglo, Head of CSKT’s Office of Tribal Cultural Preservation. He has also served as the Program Coordinator for the Salish Kootenai College Center for Tribal Research and Education in Ecosystem Sciences SKC TREES since 2017. He holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Rutgers University and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from the University of Montana. Though non-Indian, members of his family have worked with and for CSKT for three generations.


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Shasta Gaughen

Shasta Gaughen is the Environmental Director and the Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Pala Band of Mission Indians in Pala, California. She has worked for Pala since January 2005, and established Pala’s Tribal Historic Preservation Office in 2008. Dr. Gaughen received her PhD in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico and is on the faculty of the department of anthropology at California State University, San Marcos. She is Chair of the National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers, a member of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, Secretary of the Board for the Native American Environmental Protection Coalition, lead of the Tribal Working Group for the Climate Science Alliance, and a member of the Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals’ Climate Change Advisory Committee. Dr. Gaughen oversees the Tribal Climate Health Project, a grant-funded education and outreach project that includes a website, resource clearinghouse, webinars, videos, and in-person presentations on climate change and health adaptation in Tribal communities.


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