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Story Collider Show

The Story Collider is coming to the National Adaptation Forum!

If you’re interested in participating, please submit your pitch at: https://airtable.com/shrrTRSOGbjQyvtBw

What is The Story Collider?

The Story Collider’s (storycollider.org) mission is to reveal the vibrant role that science plays in all of our lives through the art of personal storytelling. They do this by hosting live events across the country where participants tell stories about how science has affected their lives. In addition, a selection of these stories are shared on their weekly podcast.

What is The Story Collider doing at The National Adaptation Forum?

On Wednesday, October 26th, The Forum will be hosting our very own Story Collider event, to share personal stories about climate science and climate adaptation. The show will be held from 5:45 to 7:00 pm in the Harborside Ballroom following that day’s programming. This event is only open to Forum participants.

How can I get involved?

The Story Collider is seeking true, personal stories about experiences with the impacts of climate change, climate adaptation, and climate resilience solutions-building to be told live on stage at The Forum show. 

These must be stories with a beginning, middle, and end, not lectures or speeches, and they must be true, firsthand experiences. If selected, storytellers will work with Story Collider producers to develop their stories in the weeks leading up to the show. The show will be made up of 4-5 stories with stories being approximately 10 minutes in length. 

When evaluating pitches, we will look primarily for depth and authenticity in the story arc — or a change that takes place in the storyteller from the beginning to the end — and a strong connection to climate science. In addition, special consideration will be given to speakers with lived experiences on the frontlines of climate change – this includes BIPOC, LGBTQIA 2S+, and those experiencing and navigating neurodivergence and/or disabilities.

Pre-Forum Meetings

EcoAdapt has reserved space at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel on Monday, October 24th to allow our partners to host events the day preceding the Forum. Pre-Forum event capacity can range from 15-100 participants. Events generally include meetings, trainings, or presentations; however, the space can accommodate other event formats. Please note there will be a fee associated with the EcoAdapt staff time required to coordinate this event and organizers are required to cover all A/V and catering costs.

To submit a Pre-Forum meeting request, please fill out this form. All Pre-Forum event requests must be submitted by September 23rd.


Operationalizing the integration of climate change resilience and equity with comprehensive and growth management plans (open to all Forum participants, Monday afternoon)

Host: Cascadia Consulting Group

This meeting will bring together planners and climate and equity specialists to discuss challenges and opportunities for connecting climate change and equity into comprehensive and growth management planning, as well as regional and local-scale city planning. State and local governments are beginning to integrate policies that address greenhouse gas emissions and climate change adaptation into their comprehensive and regional plans. At the same time, these plans must ensure that climate policies and impacts do not overburden communities who are especially at risk from impacts of climate change, such as communities of color, elderly, youth, lower income people, and others. Some governments are expanding comprehensive planning processes to work directly with communities more at risk to climate impacts. While this is an emerging area of importance, climate and equity integration into comprehensive planning is more piecemeal and lacks coordination. This meeting will include presentations from people across the country who are integrating climate and equity into comprehensive planning, including a new effort in Washington State to develop guidance for local jurisdictions. We welcome participation from people who are interested in discussing the intersection of climate change, equity, and comprehensive and growth management planning or regional and urban scale city planning. We will facilitate roundtable discussions to identify: the current state of this issue, opportunities and challenges, and tools and resources that support this work. We will share the outcomes in the form of a white paper to advance lessons learned for integrating climate change and equity into comprehensive and growth management planning.

Leveraging Tools that Build Equity into Climate Resilience Initiatives (invitation-only, Monday afternoon)

Host: Climate Resilience Consulting

The aim of the workshop is to get real about the barriers to creating equity through climate resilience and to introduce and discuss how we could leverage new and existing tools and tactics to overcome those barriers.  Example tools and tactics we will review include EPA’s Equitable Resilience Builder tool, storytelling, and trauma-informed engagement.

Exploring Collaboration Across Climate Adaptation Science Centers and Extension (invitation-only, Monday afternoon)


This event will provide space to explore leveraging common goals and opening up opportunities for collaboration across Climate Adaptation Science Centers and Extension Programs. 

Climate Ready America: Building a Whole-of-Government Approach to Climate Resilience (invitation-only, Monday afternoon)

Host: Geos Institute/NOAA Climate Program Office – US Climate Resilience Toolkit Team

Workshop participants will strategize ways that federal climate programs can coordinate with one another and connect to the Climate Ready America program as it establishes Climate Innovation Centers in all fifty states and several territories.